7. International Competition of Duets with Harp
7-9 April 2017 - Cieszyn, Poland

Venue: Zamek Cieszyn, Zamkowa 3 street, Cieszyn


1. This competition is organized by the Polish Harp Society in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

2. The main goal of the competition is to enhance interest in chamber music and to give the duets chance to present their program and compare their achievements with the young musicians from different countries.

3. The competition is directed to pupils of elementary and high schools and to students up to age 26. In this duo competition the harp can play with any other instrument or voice. The age difference between the players cannot exceed two years, in students’ category three years.

4. The categories according to age:
● Category 1. – up to 13. years of age, performance duration 6-10’
● Category 2. – up to 16. years of age, performance duration 8-12
● Category 3. – up to 19. years of age, performance duration 12-17’
● Category 4. – up to 26. years of age, performance duration 15-20'
● Category 5. – competition of pieces composed after the year 2015 and never earlier performed, no longer than 10’ (for all age groups).

5. Repertoire:
● the repertoire for Category 1. is of the competitor's choice
● the repertoire for Category 2 and 3 should include pieces (or movements) from different eras and at least one piece should be originally written for the two performing instruments
● the repertoire for Category 4 should include pieces (or movements) from different eras, including music from the 20th and 21st century – only one piece can be transcribed.

6. The auditions are public.
● 7.04. 2017 – auditions within category 4 and 3
● 8.04. 2017 – auditions within category 2 and 1
● 9.04. 2017 – auditions within category 5

7. Before the competition the letter from which in each category the playing will begin will be drawn in presence of the notary public. The order of the performance will be posted at www.duetswithharp.mozello.pl.

8. All the contestants will receive diplomas of attendance.

9. The Jury will be composed of 5 outstanding musicians and professors and will be confirmed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Their decisions are final and irrevocable.

10. The organizers reserve the right to record the performances of the contestants.

11. Prizes:
● Grand Prix – PLN 2,000 for a duo,
● 1st prize PLN 1,000 for a duo, prizes 2nd and 3rd are not monetary.
All the winners will receive special diplomas.
● Other prizes: 

- Performance in the prestigious music hall in Katowice on June 21st 2017.
- Special prize for the composer of the best piece in category 5.

The winners will receive their prizes and diplomas at the Closing Concert on 9.04.2017 at 3PM in Dom Narodowy, Cieszyn during which they will perform pieces chosen by the Jury. Their attendance is obligatory.

12. The registration form shall be available on harfa.pl and sent not later than 1.03.2017 to harfa.pl@gmail.com. Together with the registration form the contestants should send the registration fee of 25 euro per duo (nonreturnable) for the transactions made in Poland via transfer to Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. 22 1500 1357 1213 5004 5643 0000 and for the transactions made outside of Poland via (IBAN) PL 22 1500 1357 1213 5004 5643 0000 (kod
SWIFT: WBKPPLPP). The payment should be entitled „Konkurs” followed by the names of the participants.

13. 3 copies of the pieces to be performed (to be returned after the competition) should be given to the organizers during the registration.

14. The organizers will furnish the players with harps and rooms for a short practice on the day of the performance.

15. All additional information can be found at www.harfa.pl, www.duetswithharp.mozello.com or by calling +48 507124769 or +48 784 919 787 or writing to: ejaslar@harfa.pl

16. All contestants agree that their personal data will be processed by organizers solely for the purpose of the competition and in accordance to Polish law (Legal Act of August 29 1997 concerning protection of personal data).